SFS Outreach Programmes


Since its inception in 2007, SFSC arranges a month long free spoken English course for the General Public during the month of June – July. It is being directed towards the benefits of the general and office going population. It is an expression of our responsibility towards the society and is absolutely free. These are conducted by experts from outside in collaboration with our own management staff. So far the response had been very overwhelming. All students are requested to attend this for their benefit.

A. Teacher’s training programme:

SFS college intends to organize training programme both for its faculty members and also for the teachers of various schools in Aalo town.


SFS Alumni Forum – Aalo is voluntary organization consisting of all the alumnus of SFS College, Aalo. It is known as SFS-AFA. Established on 13th Mary 2010, it consists of all the ‘past / former’ students of the College. The Forum meets at least once a year under the Chairmanship of the Principal or his delegate. The date shall be mentions in the annual Calendar of the college. The Secretary and President keeps the members informed about the annual meeting and the programmes.

Motto: “Love is only Chatter, Friends are all that matter'' 

Objectives of the Forum include:

1. To keep in touch with each other as the members of the Fransalian family.
2. To assist and support the college authority to serve the local community through educational and social uplifitment.
3. To serve as link between the general public and the College.
4. To come together to share the joys and sorrows of achievements/ failures and support each other
5. To undertake certain socially beneficial activities for the present / former students or general public.