SFSC Councils/ Cells / Committees

SFSC believes in the democratic leadership and participatory achievements. The college gives highest priority to participatory decision making and collective execution of all the decisions by all stakeholders. The objective is rooted in the dictum : ‘United we Stand: Divided we Sink’. Towards this end, various cells / councils are constituted. The Principal / and Vice Principal will be the ex-officio President and Treasurer respectively of all the cells / committees / associations. The status of the cells / committees is consultative and none of these shall have any political hues or affiliations. These are constituted towards the achievement of the educational objective of the institution only. Any member resorting to politicking will incur ‘latae senteniae expulsion’ from the committee / cell or college. The President has the autonomy in constituting or dismissing a committee / cell when it is found not serving the established objective of the institution.


Every staff member, by virtue of their appointment at SFSC, is a member of this council. They meet a minimum of twice in an academic year. One at the beginning and the other at the end. They elect a staff secretary / coordinator who often serve as their representative. From this body shall be formed a core staff council that consists of the departmental heads, coordinatos of various cells / committees. The whole body/ of the Staff Council alone shall meet as often as required for discussion , evaluation and planning.


The Student Council is constituted as follows: the Principal, Vice Principal, nominated staff member, two student representatives from all three years. One student member is nominated by the Principal. Every student council member shall have a minimum attendance percentage of 75% and minimum of 60% of marks in term exams, and shall not have been booked for any offence. Any time a member fall short of 75% attendance requirement / booked for any offence, he / she loses the membership for the year. No canvassing or politicking is allowed for being elected student representative. Detailed rules and regulations will be intimated during the academic session.


PPA meeting/s is an occasion for the parents / guardians to highlight their concerns and suggestions for improvement. All the parents / guardians are expected to attend such meeting, the date of which will be intimated well in advance.


SFSC has set up an Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) as per the norms of the UGC / the University and the directives of the Higher Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. It strives to ensure the raising of the quality of education in the college. The IQAC has the following members in its council. The Principal, Vice Principal, Two Staff representatives and Three Student representatives (one from each year), The Vice Principal will be the co-ordinator of IQAC.


To deal with the various disciplinary concerns of the students, the college has a ‘disciplinary Committee’ consisting of the following members: The Principal, Vice Principal, two/three representatives from the staff (one male and one female). They deal with any extraordinary disciplinary issues of the college and take a collective decision regarding the matter.


The college also has a grievance cell to address the difficulties faced by the student / teacher community. The Cell is constituted in the model of the disciplinary cell.